Tea is a universally popular and highly adored beverage, and every culture, community, country and region has its own assortment of soothing, healing and energizing teas. Some like red tea, others prefer their brews green, white or perhaps black.

All is well as long as your brew is natural, 100% organic and free from all synthetic gunpowder-like chemicals, especially of the kind that we buy in Lipton tea bags, red bull cans, or sugar-loaded bottles of coke and sprite.

You see, in regions such as China, Southeast-Asia, Japan, Middle East, and the United Kingdom, tea leaves are treated with the same care, appreciation and importance as wine grapes. Each tea strain has its own unique flavour, along with its own specific medicinal, lifestyle and beauty benefits.

There are countless tea brews that can help you slim down your waistline, speed up your metabolism, beat the horrid bloat, tone down inflammation, curb unwanted pangs of hunger, eliminate fat cells and get rid of obesity-inducing stress.

Research reveals that individuals who consume herbal and natural plant-based tea brews every day, shrink their body fat 20% more as compared to individuals who drink no tea whatsoever. However, before you shop out the fanciest tea brews in the grocery store, be sure to take a look at these informative round-up of the most potently effective tea brews to slash your waist, energize your body and brim you up with health-enhancing nutrients.

Here, take a look:

1. Ginger Tea

For centuries, ginger has been hailed as one of the most nutritious spices found on Earth. Ginger tea is one of your best picks to actively fight against the symptoms of inflammation throughout your body, for according to research, ginger works to prevent several enzymes and genes to shield the body from the occurrence inflammation and bloating.

So basically, this indicates that you don’t have to feel guilty about helping yourself to another plate full of nutrient-packed veggies, just be sure to finish your meal with a hot cup of ginger tea. You can enhance the flavour and nutrient density of your blend by tossing in some other exotically aromatic herbs, such as cloves, cinnamon and cardamom.

2. Bilberry Tea

Most people joke that bilberries are basically European cousins of the blueberry family, but we all know for a fact that these tasty treats work wonders at eliminating and preventing inflammation and bloating. Several studies have examined the effects of bilberry tea and fruits on a wide range of samples, and the results reveal that eating a daily serving of bilberry is twice as effective at beating bloat-induced inflammation as opposed to following a strict diet regimen that does not include bilberries.

However, unfortunately since bilberries are grown in Northern Europe, they can be extremely rare to come across in the US. Hence, your best alternative is to devour a series of nice hot cups of bilberry tea throughout the day.


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