Cardiovascular problems cause unimaginable havoc but what’s the cause? Hundreds of its causes root from clogged or inflamed arteries when the walls are all plagued. The good news is that some daily diet foods can naturally assist you to enjoy a healthy heart and a healthier life.

A lengthy list of 21 foods has been compiled here for your health, based on researched data. These foods are stuffed with antioxidant, fibers and some good fats that are healthy for your heart as well as for your hair and skin. Additionally, they enhance bodily functions by promoting the production of hormones and absorption of nutrients. What’s more? A healthier feeling and a vibrant response of body comes your way without having any kind of mixtures of poisonous chemicals.

How to clean clogged arteries and blood vessels naturally
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Here, take a look at 21 best foods that unclog arteries naturally and protect you against heart attack.

1. Persimmon

Persimmons are highly packed with polyphenols as well as antioxidants, which work in collaboration to reduce LDL and triglycerides levels in blood. They are an excellently good source of fibrous content which assist in regulation of BP, health of heart and clearing up of arteries.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranates have photochemicals which are antioxidants and function by working against destructive oxidation that are detrimental to health by affecting circulatory system. These oxidations lead to building up of plaque in walls of arteries which lead to blood clots.

Production and fabrication of nitric oxides are stimulated by pomegranates. Nitric oxides help in maintenance of blood pressure and widening up of arteries. Have fresh pomegranate in your fruit salads or prepare juice of pomegranate.


  1. Very interested due to CAD, Congestive Hear Failure, CABGs in ’81 & ’97, DVT, Pulmonary embolismd p[lus more. A bit late perhaps, but I can’t stop trying.


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