You may not know this, but bananas are a lot more useful than just an eatable and healthy fruit. Banana peels are known for their nutrient-rich and restorative properties, and they can used for countless lifestyle hacks, from your skin care and culinary achievements, to beautifying your garden and much more.

Here are 20 amazing uses of bananas and their peels:

1. Make a face mask

Bananas are the best natural ingredient for an all-natural face pack to soften your skin, clean it and moisturize it deeply. It’s extremely simple, just take one ripe banana, and mash it up to create a nice and smooth paste-like consistency. Then, use a brush to apply this mask all over your face and neck. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes, before you rinse it off.

Another great moisturizing face mask can be created by mashing up a banana, and adding ¼ cup of yogurt and 2 tbsp. honey. Honey has great anti-aging properties while banana is the ultimate moisturizer for your skin.

2. Polish silverware and leather shoes

Could you have ever imagined that banana peels make the best polish for leather shoes and silverware? It is an old, traditional trick to clean silver utensils and leather materials to bring back their shine.

It’s really easy, just take a few banana peels and carefully, take out the string-like threads from the inner part. Then, rub the inner part on your silverware and leather shoes for about two minutes. Afterwards, take a soft towel and wipe the object clean. This trick works splendidly on leather sofas and other furniture items as well. However, apply the banana peels in smaller sections in order to make it effective.



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