Every food is not equal neither every calorie in the body is burned equally. There are plenty of foods that contains a lot of calories but they are healthy enough to be filled with nutrients. There are lots of negative calorie foods that directly affects the metabolism in a positive way and aids in weight loss.

These negative calorie foods are usually derived from the plants and are enriched with fiber and water content is pretty much high. These include legumes, grains, fruits and veggies except for fruits like olives and avocados, which are high is fatty acids.

Since the body needs more time to burn foods rich in fiber, and this increases your metabolism and gives a quick start to weight loss. Let’s get started with these 20 negative calorie foods:

1. Apples

High fiber foods like apples along with the skin are super rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Depending on the size of an apple it contains more than 2g to 5g of fiber. Apple can reduce the morning sickness quicker than a cup of coffee. Eat an apple in breakfast or go on snacking on it or try it with numerous apple recipes like apple pies, apple cakes, and salads.

2. Grapefruit

This refreshing fruit is super high in vitamin C because of citrus. It also curbs the salt craving. Just have half a grapefruit in breakfast or before every meal for quick weight loss.



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