Cancer is a disease in which growth of the cells becomes abnormal and several cells, tissues and veins are joint together and forms a cancerous tumour that becomes chronic with time. There are more than 100 different types of cancers which appear in the forms of tumours and masses and sometimes spread in the blood to capture all the red blood cells in the body.

There’s no any particular cause of cancer but it’s mainly due to some family cancer history, using cancerous equipment that has been used by some suffering from the diseases and sometimes it’s just when your cells start to grow abnormally and spreading in other parts of the body causing Metastasized.

These 20 herbs are very powerful to cure cancer and other chronic diseases and they also stop #cancer cells to grow in other parts of the body. #cancertreatment
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We are living in the global world and science today is so much advanced that scientist and doctors have found a lot of new treatments with the help of their a lot of successful researches that can help to cure cancer, as well as to reduce its further growth in the body. The treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy etc.

There are all medical treatments but there are some natural stuff in the world around us that is considered as super powerful to cure many chronic diseases and some fresh and dried herbs are one of those. All the herbs are powerfully packed with essential nutrients, strong antioxidants, delish taste and aroma. That not only add aromatic taste and presentation to food, but also very powerful to cure cancer and other chronic diseases and they also stop cancer cells to grow in other parts of the body. Some of those herbs are listed below:

1. Wheatgrass:

Some hospitals in South East Asia uses fresh juice from the herb called wheatgrass, which they think is beneficial in purifying the blood, cleansing kidney and liver and help improve the levels of oxygen in the body. Wheatgrass has more than 12 kilograms of chlorophyll than broccoli, which helps to reduce the after-effects of cancer treatments.

2. Astragalus (Huang Qi):

Huang Qi is a Chinese herb that is for stimulating body and strengthening and helping the immune system to identify scoundrel cells in the body. Some very renowned scientist from Chine and America are working on this special herb to find its uses and benefits and till now they got that this can be used in treating and curing cancer and it can also be used in HIV treatment.


  1. How do these herbs affect the heart?

    Can or should they be used as a cancer preventative or are they better used after a cancer diagnosis?

    I have A-Fib and a cardiologist who doesn’t believe in herbal remedies. The pharmaceutical medicines have helped me but many “warned” against supplements. For a year, I complied and my “healthy appearance” steadily went downhill so I have gradually resumed some of my herbs again … and no ill effects! I used to routinely take some of the herbs recommended in your article…for almost 2 decades.

    Great article! Thank you for writing it. I am sharing it on Facebook. =D

    • Your heart is the strongest energy Center. If I could build generators like a human heart every house would have a power plant…. Chakra is a real thing you might want to explore. Find a heart friendly frequency, meditation and vibrate your pineal gland (seriously rattle ((vibrate)) that thing) Peace

  2. The biggest and most foremost factor is that u must have complete faith in the products and herbs that u use and also u git to use it for at least a year constantly like everyday to see a real difference


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