19. Broccoli

When vitamin C and calcium join hands they boost metabolism like no other nutrient and broccoli is a food that contains excess of both the nutrients. It is also rich in fibre. Broccoli is also naturally rich in special kind of compound that switches of the genetic levels of cancer genes in the body, destroys cancer cells, and fights with already existing cells in the body.

Prostate cancer is getting common in men and it is found through researches that men who consume ½ cup of fresh broccoli per week, reduces the risk of prostate cancer to great extent. Broccoli is lesser in calories and high in healthy benefits including fat burning process and better thyroid functioning.

20. Red Tea

Red bush plants are found in the regions of South Africa, its leaves are used in tea, which is called Rooibos tea. Rooibos tea is particularly rich in flavonoids, strong and powerful antioxidants, which are known for good stomach health, and reduced fats around the belly.

Flavonoids are also beneficial for the production of new cells for about 22% as compared to the cell production drugs. Chemicals found in the tea are also beneficial for enhanced metabolism, and natural sugar reduces your sugar intake because it is slightly sweet naturally with the little touch of caffeine.



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