12. Eggs

Usually people says that consuming whole eggs increases the risk of higher cholesterol, which is absolutely a wrong perception. It is true that eggs are low in calories, contains a lot of proteins and vitamins and is extremely beneficial for metabolism. Though egg whites are low in calories but egg yolks are super rich in metabolism enhancing nutrients like fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and choline, which is an extremely powerful compound that reduces the fats around the liver and regulates the cholesterol levels. Plus higher protein levels in the body aids in great fat lose.

13. Full Tat Milk

Calcium in the body helps the fats to get metabolized quickly and increased calcium intake from natural products like milk and yogurt etc. boosts the metabolism to greater extent and burn fats.

14. Whole Wheat Grains

Our bodies require extra efforts to digest the whole grains as compared to the processed and refined grains. The more efforts our body applies the more calories it will burn through the digestion process. Whole wheat grains are more likely to boost metabolism and burn more fat. These includes brown pastas, breads and rice.



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