6. Oysters

Oysters are the great sources of zinc, which is an ideal mineral for thyroid health. Our needs zinc to activate the working of healthy thyroid system but we also need enough hormones of thyroid to absorb the amounts of zinc. Mineral deficiencies may affect the working of metabolism and there are several mineral supplements available in the market that deals with the deficiencies and boosts weight loss with enhanced metabolism. Overweight people who takes 30 mg of zinc in a day are more likely to increase their body mass, improves cholesterol levels and reduces weight. And 6 raw oysters contains exactly same amount of zinc i.e. 30mg.

7. Chicken

If thyroid would be a person, it will be potatoes and meat kind of person. Amino acid are the building blocks of thyroid hormones. These amino acids are tyrosine and dopamine, both the acids are important to manage weight issues. Lack of dopamine is linked to food cravings and increased appetite while deficiency of tyrosine is associated with poor functioning of thyroid hormones. Poultry is rich in these amino acids and a natural source of vitamin B-12 and are naturally low in fats that doesn’t cause weight gain but reduces the deficiencies. It is also find in green leafy veggies.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is a strong protective shield for your thyroid and this is because it is enriched with vitamin D that leads to good functioning of thyroid. Deficiency of vitamin D means higher risk of thyroid problems and increased weight. More than 90% of the people who suffers from autoimmune diseases are usually suffering from vitamin D. This nutrient boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, and prevents the thyroid from damaging. The prebiotic properties in yogurt are linked to protect god bacteria in the body as well.



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