You aren’t alone, who is stress and tired in the journey of losing weight but there are number of people suffering from the problem. This undiagnosed health problem is called HYPOTHYRODISM. This is a condition is called thyroid, when it’s not working properly because the condition pumps the brakes on metabolism because of master gland.

Thyroid is a gland in neck that hides all the important hormones of the body that controls the important body’s functions like helping you digest your food, how to use convert fats into energy and how to use it etc. Slow thyroid slows down all these important functions and often cause weight gain and fatigue.

Thyroid problems can be due to poor family history and this is something beyond our control and sometimes it is due to unhealthy diet. But the good thing is we can control the second option by controlling what we eat and how we eat. There are certain foods that have potential to boost thyroid health and help you achieve better metabolism that leads to weight loss as well.

1. Kola Nut Tea

Tea and coffee contains enough amount of caffeine to reduce the morning sickness but have you ever tried a cup of kola nut tea? Kola nut tea has higher amount of caffeine that reduces the drowsiness and morning sickness even more than tea/coffee does. It also gives the quick boost of metabolism enhancement that leads to more fat burn.

2. Apples

There are heavy metals in our body like mercury, which take time to get absorb by the thyroid hormones in our body. When these heavy chemicals combines with iodine, it slows down the working of thyroid. The good news about this is you can detoxify these metals with certain fruits, rich in pectin. Pectin is a compound similar to gelatine that sticks to the toxin compounds present in the blood and get them out of the body via urination. According to a study, citrus fruits with pectin are more likely to flush out the toxins in 24 hours like more 150% in a day. It also helps the cells to store less amount of fats and more energy. It also boost weight loss. Fruits like grapefruits, peach, and oranges are recommended but fruits with fibre peel are richer in pectin and several other benefits like APPLES.



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