12. Procrastinating on Health-Related Matters

It is essential to regularly check your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels for if these three key elements are heightened, they are the biggest silent risk factors that contribute to fatalistic ailments, such as diabetes, heart diseases and strokes.

Research reveals that adults in their mid-50s tend to have a 90% risk of developing high blood pressure, even if they never experienced its symptoms throughout their lives. So, if you believe that you didn’t develop hypertension throughout your life, you won’t develop it in your 50s, that’s just wishful thinking.

13. Obesity

Statistics reveal that obesity is one of the gravest and greatest risk factors that contribute to the development of heart diseases. Nearly 72% of men and 64% of women in the US are obese or overweight, which also puts them at a greater risk for developing heart ailments.

14. Diet Full of Empty Calories

If your diet is brimming with meals that are extremely high in fats, sugar and oil, you are devouring empty calories that contain very few, and in most cases non-existent, nutrients to energize your body. Research reveals that a diet that is largely based on empty calories contributes to the risk factors that lead to obesity and diabetes.

Instead, create your daily diet with nutrient-rich superfoods, such as eggs, fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans, peas, whole grains, unsalted nuts, essential oils and seeds. Take some low-fat milk, fat-free yogurt, poultry and lean meats to create a healthy balance and tasteful variety.


  1. Sir, i have been smoking since 25 years but average is 3 per day. Now, i am 48 years old. I do exercise every day since 15 years. If I stop smoking totally, in how many years i would become equivalent to a non smoker? I don’t have any ailment so far except BP. Using since 6 years.

    • Thats a very fair and relevant question… probably too many individuals
      Did you get a response or satisfactory answer to this Chandra??

  2. sir, i”ve been smoke when i was 20yrs old and now i have some problem with my heart and please can you help me or teach me some ways to solve my problem!

  3. Sir , my son of 9 years old somethimes something in the midle of the chest it hurts . How do i now whats hapening to him and wy?

  4. Actually our sleep is the most important thing in our lives. We will definitely die without Delta and Rem levels of sleep. Our bodies do not rejuvenate, memories aren’t made. Eventually, we become mentally unstable and are worse than perpetually drunk. And of course, it will destroy your heart, but in your madness, you won’t even notice. That’s why it’s called torture!! Sadly, some of us suffer from this disorder, and there is no cure. My specialist called it death by 1000 cuts.

  5. Hi,The articles were all very interesting I enjoyed reading about them an I do exercises an walk 3 to 6 miles every other day. I do sit ups an stretching watch what I eat stay away from fried foods I eat chicken alot an salad’s I use raspberry vinaigrette. I’m 66 now still want to loose 10 pound’s I’m 135.

  6. Sodium intake causing high blood pressure is only true in the short term – only of concern if you are already dealing with high blood pressure. As for the rest of this, bang on. My only question is how does one manage to get enough calories from vegetables and fruits alone? It would seem rather difficult – as fruits and especially vegetables tend to be very dilute sources of caloric intake.

  7. Smoking is probably the worse thing you can do to your health aside from drinking too much regularly, I’ve watched several friends and relatives pass away from it. It’s the most insidious way to die.

    • It has been successful 25 days that i have left smoking. I am a patient of high blood pressure and i am on meds (Amlo). Initially it was a tough decision and despite of deciding, i was unable to survive for even a day and end up smoking a ciggerate.
      Motivation is the key. I downloaded a app to help me quit. It shows how many days i was smoke free and helped me to keep up. Self motivation is only that can help. There are many app for this. Now after 25 days of smoke free lungs, i feel full of oxygen and can actually breath deep.

  8. Sir,when i am jogging or doing some rigorous exercise i do feel some pains in my chest and i have a high blood pressure.Please are this all symptoms of heart problems.


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