16. No Starchy Carbs for Breakfast

Research reveals that it is incredibly healthy to eat a breakfast that is very high in protein as it increases your dopamine levels and the activity of thyroid hormone, which keeps you energetic throughout the day.

A high-protein breakfast is highly likely to control your appetite, keep you satiated until lunch and help you avoid those awful bouts of fatigue that tend to envelop the body around mid-afternoon.

You must eliminate all those processed and packaged bagels, sandwiches, cereals, breads and doughnuts from your breakfast platter. Replace them with oatmeal, eggs, multi grain bread, and Greek yogurt.

17. Limit Untimely Food Cravings

A hormonally well-balanced and wholesome diet eliminates all those untimely pangs of hunger and sudden cravings for sugary treats. However, if your appetite is out-of-control and you do not suppress your cravings for sugary treats is a direct indication that your body is lacking sufficient levels of proteins, and your diet mainly comprises of heaps of carbohydrate. It also indicates that you are suffering from stress or anxiety, and you do not get enough quality sleep to keep your body energized.


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