14. Starchy Carbs after 4pm

You must have heard the saying, eat your carbs in the day. It’s true, eating your carbs early during the day gives you a long time to burn away all those calories that give rise to all those untimely cravings. Research reveals that starch-filled carbs, such as beans or potatoes, tend to create hunger cravings for more soon after. So, it’s always healthy to eat one starchy carb with your dinner or supper.

However, be sure not to devour starchy carb foods with fruits for an evening snack. It’s always better to pick one of these rather than both. If you devour carbs at 4pm in the evening, they are highly likely to boost up your serotonin levels, which will promote good sleep quality. And a good quality sleep is the most essential activity to promote the activities of fat-burning hormones.

Also, research suggests at devouring at least one serving of starchy carbs each day aids in the body in maintaining testosterone levels. If your diet doesn’t contain starchy carbs, your testosterone and serotonin levels deplete alarmingly, and your stress hormones shoot up, which are extremely unfavorable signs to promote weight loss.

It is essential to remember that eating a starchy carb meal in the evening tends to boost up adiponectin during the daytime, and this influences greater weight-loss benefits. Besides, it is a much easier option as opposed to limiting your carb consumption at night. At last, one has to believe that the diet you find the easiest to follow is always the best one for you.

15. Two Cups of Water Before a Meal

Research reveals that individuals who devour two cups of water before eating every meal lose far more weight in 12 weeks as opposed to those who don’t follow this extremely healthy habit.


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