10. Calculate your Daily Intake of Protein

You must calculate a specific daily consumption requirement for intake of protein, and you must include the minimum amount required to preserve your muscle mass, along with the ideal quantity required to promote muscle growth and strength. Research reveals that the daily quantity ranges from 1.6 to 2.2g of protein per kg of your body weight.

If you are undergoing physically demanding training, exhausting workouts or yoga, you must calculate your daily dosage requirement on the basis of the 2.2g range. And on days when you’re not working out, you can calculate the daily dosage with the minimum range of 1.6g protein per kilogram.

The calculation is very simple. All you have to do is divide your weight, in the form of pounds, by 2.2 and the answer will be your weight in terms of kilograms. Then, you have to multiply this amount by either 1.6 or 2.2 to obtain your daily dosage requirement of protein consumption. If you want to lose more than 40 pounds of weight, it’s best to calculate your daily consumption on the basis of 1.6g protein.

11. Have 3-4 Meals a Day

There are countless benefits that press the essentiality of eating at least three square meals every day, and this advice has always been prominent throughout history. Research reveals that consuming sufficient amounts of protein, limiting carb consumption with every meal and regular eating timings aid in promoting the activities of fat-fighting hormones.

However, when we skip our meals, take long intervals between our meals, consume harmful and processed meals and fail to obtain sufficient protein, our bodily hormones, primarily cortisol and insulin, get out of control and we experience severe disruptions and blood sugar spikes. Research reveals that long intervals between meals is one of the biggest causes of blood sugar drops, which trigger your body’s stress response to release cortisol, which in turn causes your blood sugar levels to crash really hard.

It basically means that you are highly likely to overeat during your next meal, which will cause an insulin and blood sugar spike in your body. This cycle can be easily broken with four square meals a day. You can choose whether to eat three or four meals a day, and be sure to add whey protein to your third meal in order to balance the levels of cortisol, which will aid in cutting down sudden cravings and naturally reducing appetite.


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