Setting strict calorie restrictions and diet limitations to maintain an unsustainably thin weight, along with depriving oneself of all the foods that you constantly crave is the unhealthiest and most unrealistic approach to losing weight.

Food not only provides us energies and regulates our bodily functions, but it also stabilizes our mood and make us feel happier. It’s essential to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet filled with natural, nutrient-rich and organic produce. But it is just as essential to treat yourself to the delicious foods that you love.

The healthiest foods trigger hormonal activities that aid in burning away excess fat, and they also enhance the energy levels, mood, brain functioning, and metabolism. We’ve listed down 11 essential eating habits that will help you trigger all the weight loss hormones and shed those pounds with a successful and sustainable approach.

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Here, take a look:

1. No Carbs at Breakfast

It’s always a great idea to keep your breakfast platter devoid of fruits and all other kinds of carbohydrates in order to make sure your body maintains the same fat-burning hormones that it had while you were asleep. Research reveals that these fat burning hormones that keep the body in a ketogenic state tend to last only until you consume your first carb-filled meal during the day. So, if you want to lose weight and maintain it, make sure your breakfast doesn’t contain any kinds of carbs.

Go For The Hormone-Boosting Foods

Make sure that your daily diet contains a rich assortment of foods that are brimming with impressive hormone-boosting nutrients and properties. We’ve picked out some hormone-boosting foods for you:

2. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice and heaps of water, to fight off the sodium, is a wonderful pick to trigger weight loss, thanks to the natural acidic properties of this delicious beverage. If you consume at least one serving of tomato juice each day, it enhances the functioning of adiponectin, which brings about a significant reduction in belly fat.

Research reveal that in order to reduce the glycemic load or blood sugar effects of your meal, follow it up with an acidic beverage, like tomato juice, which will prevent an increase in insulin levels, along with ensuring the storage of very little sugar as fat.


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