We are the people obsessed with snacking and more than 600 calories a day is coming from snacking. If someone is trying to lose weight then snacking can sometimes make your journey but it also can break your journey as well. Snacks are of two types the good ones and bad ones. The good ones can fuel you in a good way and keep a check on your appetite while filling your body with healthy nutrients. And the bad ones are loaded with fats, sugar and a lot of calories that blasts the whole weight loss process.

Healthy snacks are good for waistline, better heart health, and good reduction is weight. If you are finding it hard to determine what to eat and what not to eat while snacking than have a look at the list:

Instead of: Strawberry Flavoured Yogurt

Reach for: Plain Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberry Slices

In a six oz. container of yogurt with fruit flavouring contains 26g of fruit sugar and 12g of milk’s sugar. And this is equivalent to more than 3-4 Oreo cookies. According to the recent studies, this ratio of sugar, if avoided, can help you lose 2% more weight and consuming this amount of sugar can help you gain weight with same ratio. So it is better to stick with plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit slices with healthy proteins and less sugar.

Instead of: A 16-ounce Bottled Smoothie

Reach for: A Homemade Smoothie

Bottled smoothies may look tastier and easy to grab and drink, with just 150 calories. But ever tried a closer look? These bottled smoothies usually contains two servings and each serving is of 150 calories, which means these smoothie bottles contains 300 calories. And trust me no one of us wants to drink half bottle to keep a check on calories. So it is better to grab some fruits and blend them with coconut water or milk and enjoy delicious low calorie homemade smoothie.


  1. Foarte adevarat ce spui . Eu am mari probleme cu greutatea .Am tinut nenumarate cure de slabire si dupa fiecare cum nu am mai tinut prin efectul yoyo am pus la loc tot ce slabisem+++ inca ceva in plus.


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