Now a days every one either man or woman want to transform into the stylish slim body; it is story of everyone. But it would be difficult if you made your eating habits with cupcakes and junk foods; Oops you plan to fail in dieting.

We are talking about the readers who knocked off upto 60+ pounds with some easy ways: shorten the eating habits and switch-up your-self to one or two healthy diets in your daily routine.

1. Say Goodbye to the Restaurants

If you used to eat out at the restaurants daily; now say goodbye to favorite restaurant or by cutting back to just once at weekend; but you should order a simple grilled chicken with salad; instead of rice, pasta etc. By doing this you will definitely see changes and lose pounds in a month.

Avoid Eating Restaurant Foods

2. Snacks are not good for Health

If you stopped your routine to buying snacks at the grocery shops and in the market; you will reached your goal fast.

Snacks are really not good for health; you should take fruits to remove your desire or carvings. It really helps you to ignore snacks.

Avoid Eating Snacks

3. Make Partner for a Walk

Making partner for a walk is a good choice to lose weight; daily walking is very necessary even if it is just for 10 minutes; make your partner and go to walk it gives you motivation to lose weight and looks smart and stylish.

Daily Walk

4. Salads – Main Ingredients in Lunch

Make Raw Salad the main ingredients in your lunch diet; a cup of mix salads (chunks of apple, cucumber; salad leaves; broccoli) its helps you to toned your body very fast.

Healthy Lunch with Salads

5. A Cup of Green Tea Daily

There are countless benefits of Green Tea. Take one cup of Green Tea daily; and live fresh and healthy every time.

Drink Green Tea Daily

6. Get Fit with Small Sessions of Exercise

Try to do some small session of exercise whenever is possible; like doing jumping, crunches or dancing. This will burns the extra calories from your body and keeps you fit.

Daily Exercise

7. Kick off the Smoking Habit

Quit smoking right away and you should joined the gym to start working out with a personal trainer if possible. Exercise will make you feel healthy and light. You will win your goal to drop the pounds in months.

Quit Smoking

8. Happy Hour Walk

Happy hour walk after dinner make you fit within a days. Never eat fried foods in dinner and start walking and running around in a track; you will lose weight very fast.

Daily Walk

9. Get Inspired Up

Get inspirations from daily life examples and from celebrities; inspirations energize you to look forward and stay in fit.

10. Add Veggies in Food

Adding the vegetables in daily food; it keeps you so full and so quickly that you never have room to eat things like chips or sweet desserts. And you will see the result.

Add Vegetables to Diet

11. 20 Minutes Running Daily

Start running for 25 minutes daily during the lunch hour; and you can see you will fit into your skinny jeans again; you look fit and energize.

Daily Running

12. Practice Yoga

Practicing the Yoga in twice or thrice a week; which will keeps you more fit; and also cellulite will disappeared.

Yoga Practice

13. Don’t Go with Big

Order a small fries or a chicken nuggets when you going out for fast food to satisfy your carving. It keeps you thinner and fit. Never order a large size value meal.

Large Value Meals

14. Routine a New Dance Class at Home

Purchase/download the Dance CDs; routine it in to your weekly schedule; the crazy dance routines really tone the muscles especially abs, thighs; and its result that you will reached your goal weight.

Dance Classes to Lose Weight

15. Never go out without Breakfast

Skipping breakfast lead to you become early older; rather than skipping breakfast you should take a healthy about 250 calories breakfast daily; prefer a sandwich with egg and peanut butter with glass of milk and fresh juice. It keeps you healthy and snack less throughout the day.

Don’t Skip Breakfast


Looking smart and Stylish for long live is the right of every one; if you want to a long life with smart style; you really need some easy daily efforts; this is a very good deal for your long life and fitness.



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