7. Almond Milk

People think that avoiding dairy may benefit health. But for older women calcium in dairy products is needed to strengthen bones to prevent a killer disease ‘osteoporosis’ as approaching the menstrual cycle pause causes loss of bone mass. Replacement milk steals that protection from you. If you do choose an alternative you must choose a category which contains fortified calcium and vitamin D.

One must avoid flavored almond milks as they add to excess calories.

Almond Milk Never Eat After 40
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8. Hot Sauce

If you suffer from gastrointestinal reflux or hot flashes, adding spicy foods to your list can make your situation worse says Palinsiki Wade. In General artificial hot sauces deteriorate your health.

Hot sauces can even be high in sodium having an adverse impact on your bones and blood pressure. Instead one should add hot peppers to his/her diet as they tend to be high in capsaicin, a nutrient that lowers blood pressure and increases metabolism.

Hot Sauce Never Eat After 40
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9. Margarine

If you choose margarine instead of butter you’re just choosing another fat-loaded product because some brands contain partially hydrogenated oils which are trans fats.

One or two servings of trans fats negatively affect heart health and cholesterol. A great replacement for margarine is avocado in baking and cooking and will help reduce intake of sodium, saturated fats and calories.

In order to stay away from these dangerous fat product one should always read labels clearly or select plant based oils. Excess fats have a direct impact on your heart.

Margarine Never Eat After 40
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