3. Barbecued or Fried Chicken

Barbecued or fried chicken is craved by many foodies. Little do we know that this chicken can lead to prostrate, colorectal and pancreatic cancer.

Palinski Wade states that ‘Cooking meat at extreme temperatures can increase levels of HCA’s in proteins which are chemicals that cause cancer. Although research is going on but one must refrain from increasing the risk of cancer, by limiting to one or two servings and marinating meat before eating to prevent the production of these compounds.

Barbecued or Fried Chicken Never Eat After 40
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4. Cookies

A sugary cookie! Is one way to end a tiring day. But according to famous dermatologist Whitney Bowe “Sugar in any form can cause multiple changes from arteries and hormones to our very own immune system and even our microbiome (the good bacteria in our skin.)” Addressing all the beauty conscious ladies sugar can cause your skin to age faster!

Researchers have linked increased sugar intake to tangled nerves and hardened arteries. Instead of these dangerous sugars one must eat nature’s gift fruit!

Cookies Never Eat After 40
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5. Sports drinks

A wrong concept of Energy or sports drinks is generated among youngsters that they energize and electrify your body. Instead they are just additional sugar added to your body plus weight gain.

These drinks cause inflammation inside the body. Bad news! For students is that these colorful drinks cause negative impact on memory and learning. Research has proven that an average adult just needs water for exercise.

Sports Drinks Never Eat After 40
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6. Sugar-free Snacks

If you are on a ‘No sugar’ diet that does not mean you buy sugar free snacks. Because they tend to replace sugars with artificial ingredients. However naturally sugar free snacks can have health benefits. Such as dried prunes that benefit health and bones. One must be on the lookout for foods that add large amounts of saturated or Trans fats excess sodium to replace added sugars. As they have an equally dangerous impact.

Sugar Free Snacks Never Eat After 40
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