6. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is well-known for its activity to worsen the acne, but it is debatable. Undoubtedly, chocolate is sugar-rich and can participate in fluctuating the insulin level but yes, small intake of dark chocolate can insert positive effects over skin-related issues. Dark chocolate has zinc in it as an anti-oxidant that is known to be a therapeutic agent against acne. Other than zinc other anti-oxidants are also present in it leading towards the anti-inflammatory effects if taken in small quantity.

Dark chocolate has a charismatic impact on human, the most important is that it is an anti-depressant and stress-relieving. There are a lot of conducted studies by different scientists all over the world proving that chocolates can lower the high-stress and mild-depressions. Stress is one of the causes of acne, so ultimately it reduces the acne if we are nibbling on a small quantity of dark chocolate and reduces the acne flareups.

Dark Chocolate Get Rid of Acne
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7. Oysters

Oysters have never been a staple food over the world because of the likes and disliked by the people on the same table. If some dislikes’ come to know the significance of oysters, they will forget the texture because it is rich in zinc that is best for its killing action against acne-causing bacteria by boosting up the immune function. This activity reduces the redness of acne and inflammation as well.

The anti-oxidant agent, present in the oyster, zinc is multifactorial in its actions. It can stimulate collagen and cell turnover. This sloughs off the dead skin clogging cells giving a clearer and brighter complexion.

Oysters Get Rid of Acne
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8. Eggs

Eggs are so vital in their importance and are utilized so normally all over the world. They have the best immune-boosting nutrients against diseases. They contain Vitamin B-12, A and omega-3 fatty acids that are recognized for the action of keeping the immune system healthy and reduce the inflammation.

Eggs are so vital and unique in their natural composition, besides having all these essential vitamins and fatty acids, they also contain selenium, copper, manganese and vitamin E (all of these can help in preventing acne). Three whole eggs are recommended per day for healthy people despite cholesterol activity. Different studies have been conducted to see the effect and it is proven that they can lower the cardiovascular diseases.

Eggs Get Rid of Acne
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