3. Avocados

Avocados are full of nutrients that are essential in nature for our body and can easily be a cure for skin. Avocados are loaded with Vitamin E and other antioxidants that are best known for their action against inflammation. The most important function performed by these nutrients is the hydration potency. There are essential fatty acids present in them that are anti-inflammatory in their actions.

We can easily notice that avocados are much beneficial for our skin but despite this fact, they are not part of our daily skincare products. There is a reason behind this science as well that the oil of avocado can be a cause of clogging of pores and follicles and may cause the breakouts to prone skin. But this is exceptional for some people who do not get any harm by using oil. So, it is recommended that it should be tested before over a small patch of skin for 24 hours and wait for the response before applying it to the whole skin.

Avocados Get Rid of Acne
Credit Image: Dr.Axe

4. Blueberries

Anti-oxidants can remove the moderate to mild forms of acne so well and blueberries are their packed house. The most astonishing about blueberries is their anti-aging property and there are other miraculous realities about them as well including boosting up the resistance of insulin that is the ultimate cause of acne.

Insulin is thought to be a cause of secreting hormone related to sex like androgens that produce the excess oil. This oil is destined to clog into the pores and cause severe inflammatory breakouts to the skin.

Blueberries Get Rid of Acne
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5. Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are so rich in their composition but still unawarded due to the less sweet taste as the peach. They are full of magnesium that can potentially fight acne. Other than this, a very important ingredient, beta-carotene that is later converted to vitamin-A is present for the cure of skin and this is also the host of other nutrients as well.

Dried apricots are widely used in skincare products due to their antioxidation and anti-inflammation properties. Moreover, apricots have a magnificent power of controlling the insulin level due to the fibers present in them.

Dried Apricots Get Rid of Acne
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