Acne is the most common thing that is being experienced by most of us. If you suffer from these blemishes, you are being suggested by everyone to take a nap from sugar and processed food consumption. This is fair enough because there are certain foods that have the worst effect on our skin and the foods as well that can act as a treatment against these blemishes.

There is a strong but murky relationship between diet and acne, but much research is needed in this discipline. There are certain foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other anti-oxidants and they can easily reduce the acne. Acne is caused due to the inflammation and when hair follicles get plugged with oil and dead cells. Acne is a condition that is most common among teenagers and adults, but it is known to occur in all other age groups as well.

Diet based studies are notoriously difficult to conduct because they must be on teenagers and there are other contributing factors as well towards acne. Anecdotal and fad diets should be varied. While you are on dieting, it is too difficult to trace the cause of acne and even more difficult to find an effective way to control it.

15 Foods That Could Help Get Rid of Acne

To remove acne effectively, one must start a proper treatment system in combination with healthy and clean eating to get a clearer complexion with a couple of months. There are different acne-fighting foods that can be used to cure acne such as:

1. Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is too wide in its amazing power as the best skincare superfood. This is an extremely fatty fish containing fatty acids omega-3. It can elucidate body inflammation in an extremely effective manner. Omega-3 fatty acids are well recognized for their action of hindering the inflammation by the stopping down of the production of cytokines that participate in inflammation and ultimately causes acne. This is termed as the Calming effect.

This effect helps in the keeping of firm and young skin by preventing the elastin and collagen breakdown. Fish oil supplements can be used in replacement to the wild salmon consumption. These are also too effective to avoid severe acne.

Wild Salmon Get Rid of Acne
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2. Cucumber

Cucumber is best known for its composition of all water and other essential nutrients that can reduce the puffiness/inflammation and can soothe it so effectively just by putting them over your eyelids. They are fully stuffed with Vitamin C and E that are scientifically proven to reduce the acne and psoriasis.

It is too easy to use, we can eat it and apply it topically as well. Cucumber due to its wide significant composition is used in all types of skincare products mostly and commonly in the Facial Exfoliating Scrubs.

Cucumber Get Rid of Acne
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