14. Changes in Your Breasts

Contrary to what most women fear, not all breast lumps tend to be cancerous, however, if you spot a lump on your breast and it doesn’t naturally go away for weeks, you must get it examined by your doctor.

If your nipples begin to discharge, turn inwards, and the skin on your breasts begins to pucker or start dimpling, these could be a sign that you may have breast cancer. Also, examine your breast or nipple skin for signs of severe scaling and redness.

If you spot these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. Inform him/her about your medical history, and then, the doctor will perform several tests, such as a physical examination, a mammogram or a biopsy.

A biopsy is basically a test that involves the removal of a tiny tissue, which the doctors examine for signs of cancer.

15. Depression & Stomach Aches

Although it doesn’t occur in most patients, but in certain rare cases, symptoms like belly ache and depression are considered signs of pancreatic cancer.

If you have a history of pancreatic cancer in your family, you have grave reasons to get worried and get yourself examined without any delay.


  1. whats the treatment because i have a wound on the mouth,lips turning red, i dont smoke but i work in a cement factory. on the right side of the neck, the internal vein pains around, and below the ear but on the neck( like its the vein strencthing but i swallow pain killers, its now 2 months….. doctors help? what could be the problem? i went to the hospital they gave me hifenac but nothing changed.


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