8. Unexplainable Weight Loss

All we women ever want is to make all our fats melt away without having to lift a finger, but losing weight without actually trying to shed pounds is extremely alarming and grave. You see, if you have lost over 10 or more pounds without changing your diet or indulging in any exhausting exercise routine, the weight loss can single a severe problem.

However, most unexplainable cases of weight loss have little to do with cancers, for they mostly occur due to thyroids or excessive stress, however, experts believe that it can also be a symptom of pancreatic cancer, along with lung and stomach cancers. Your doctor will prescribe several medical examinations, imaging tests, CT scans and blood tests to perform a diagnosis.

9. Heartburn

Severe heartburns occur due to excessive alcohol consumption, overeating and unmanageable stress, or worse, all three of them combined. The best way to eliminate the symptoms of a prolonged heartburn is to alter your diet for a week and monitor the symptoms to see if your condition improves.

If the heartburn persists, consult your doctor because if the symptoms of heartburn do not alleviate after a week or tend to worsen, it could be a symptom of several types of cancers, primarily ovarian, throat and stomach cancers.

10. Persistent Pain

Most types of cancer don’t trigger pain or aches, however, if you have a persistent ache it can be a symptom of certain kinds of cancers, primarily brain or bone cancer.

If you’ve been battling against aches or persistent pains for over a month or longer, be sure to consult your doctor and get a screening test done.


  1. whats the treatment because i have a wound on the mouth,lips turning red, i dont smoke but i work in a cement factory. on the right side of the neck, the internal vein pains around, and below the ear but on the neck( like its the vein strencthing but i swallow pain killers, its now 2 months….. doctors help? what could be the problem? i went to the hospital they gave me hifenac but nothing changed.


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