The discomfort of stomach ailments, such as bloating, agonizing aches, nausea, acid reflux and gas, is truly the worst of all discomforts. Be it queasiness, constipation, diarrhea or any other ailment, we want instant relief to be able to get ourselves off the couch. In such circumstances, we need to turn towards the glories of Mother Nature.

You see, nature has a cure for every single ailment, and you can easily fix an empty stomach with super foods, herbs, seeds and spices. Superfoods are the most painless humanly cure possible.

So, if your stomach is troubling you because of excessive build-up of gas or you can’t seem to leave the bathroom for hours. You can easily end all the suffering with a quick and healthy natural cure that you might actually find in your kitchen, fridge or pantry.

This article lists the 15 best foods that can help relieve an upset stomach. #stomachacheremedy #stomachpain
Credit: MedMD

We’ve picked out a wide variety of natural remedies to help you cure a stomach ache at home. Here, take a look:

1. Banana & Almond Butter

Banana is amazingly beneficial for the stomach, because it very light and packed with fiber, which promotes digestion and soothes away aches. They also aid the body in restoring normal bowel functioning since they are brimming with pectin, an essential fiber also found in apples. You can consume slices of banana with organic almond butter, lathered on a whole grain toast.

2. Milk

A tall glass of milk is just what you need to balance out the pH level of your stomach, eliminate the acidity and soothe away all the ache and queasiness. You see, milk contains calcium, which is highly effective at beating acidity and enhancing digestion.



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