12. Coffee

We all love our morning cup of Joe, however, none of us love wrinkles, and coffee happens to be one of the most vicious causes of premature aging.

Research reveals that consuming coffee later in the day causes sleeping troubles, and the skin requires sleep to regenerate and repair all the cells that have been exposed to UV radiation and heat all day long.

What’s more, iced coffee is an even bigger culprit behind wrinkles, causing more prominent wrinkles and fine lines across the mouth to steal your youthfulness.

Coffee Cause Wrinkles
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13. Packaged Chips

All kinds of potato chips and refined carbs are intensely damaging for the skin because they trigger inflammation, which causes oxidative stress, which is damaging for the collagen and DNA, and leads to wrinkles and premature aging, depriving your skin of its youthfulness.

Chips Cause Wrinkles
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14. Flavored Yogurt

Flavored yogurt must be eliminated from your daily diet because it is one of the most harmful products that sneak in alarming amounts of sugar into an adult’s diet.

When you consume flavored yogurt, it increases your sugar levels, and the sugar attack and break down the amino acids present in elastin and collage, causing wrinkles to emerge on your skin.

Flavored Yogurt Cause Wrinkles
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