3. Cupcakes

Cupcakes look delectable and taste scrumptious, but the commonly sold store-bought varieties are filled with skin-damaging ingredients that cause multiple health hazards, including premature aging. For instance, store-bought cupcakes contain polyunsaturated fats, which trigger inflammation and heart disease. Similarly, dairy products are brimming with toxic hormones, and genetically modified wheat contains gluten, which triggers digestive ailments.

Lastly, sugar offers no nutrients, and it causes the glucose levels in your blood to increasing abnormally, which triggers the release of insulin. When insulin is released into the blood, it creates advanced glycation end products (AGE’s), which wreak havoc on collage, and cause wrinkles.

Cupcakes Cause Wrinkles
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4. Bacon

Bacon is incredibly popular across American adults, but it simply cannot be denied that it is one of the unhealthiest meats.

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All kinds of processed meats, especially bacon, pepperoni and hot dogs, contain extremely high quantities of saturated fats and nitrates, which lead to inflammation and the formation of wrinkles.

Bacon Cause Wrinkles
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5. Pasta

Consuming too much pasta is one of the greatest risk factors of early onset of signs of aging, especially wrinkles.

Basically, consuming too many processed carbs, including pasta, causes immense damage to the collage within the skin, which deprives your skin of its elasticity and youthfulness, leading to the emergence of wrinkles.

Pasta Cause Wrinkles
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