There are many foods that we commonly consume and consider healthy, including citrus fruits and coffee that are responsible for triggering premature signs of aging, primarily wrinkles.

Then, there are the notoriously unhealthy foods containing trans fats and sugar that damage the collagen and steal away our youthfulness.

In this article, we have listed down 14 wrinkle-causing foods that you must eliminate from your diet.

14 Wrinkle Causing Foods to Eliminate from your Diet

These 14 Foods Can Speed Up Wrinkle Development

Here, take a look:

1. Sodas

Fizzy drinks and sodas are extremely unhealthy for the body as they expose your system to a high content of phosphates. Basically, high levels of phosphates trigger premature signs of aging, wrinkles and skin thinning. Moreover, the caramel and other artificial colors used to make colas are one of the biggest culprits of wrinkles.

Soda Cause Wrinkles
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2. Rice Cakes

We all love rice cakes and simply can’t help scooping up dozens of packets as we do our grocery shopping, but little do we know, they are extremely unhealthy for the skin.

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You see, consuming rice cakes triggers an increase in blood sugar levels which leads to emergence of wrinkles because the body metabolizes the carbs present in the cake by breaking them down into glucose, much like the body metabolizes sugar. And once these carbs are converted into glucose, the glucose sticks to collagen and causes horrible damage.

Rice Cakes Cause Wrinkles
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