10. Legalization

There are two several types of stains of cannabis depending upon its usage. The strains of it differ for both recreational and medical purposes.

Eight states in the US have officially legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. But other countries still have some limits on its usage for both the purposes.

11. More research is underway

There is an ongoing research to evaluate the safe concentration of its usage with minimum side effects.

The researchers are working to decide the standard unit of cannabis.

12. Must have the know how

For all the people that are using it for years or those which are new to it, must have the knowledge about its consequences on health. There should be campaigns and seminars held at university level so that people get aware of all the health effects.


  1. I don’t think there really are any cannabis addicts, though many people who smoke it will claim to be, they have probably been smoking it for so long that they will miss it,(big-time) when they are without it. I would say, it’s more of a psychological problem, ie, having to go without it and how can we possibly legalize this drug if people are going to be working around machines, often with other people depending and relying on them. Would you honestly and truthfully feel 100% safe with your work partner having just smoked a joint (reefer) and your safety relied on them ? I know I wouldn’t and anyone with a brain wouldn’t either.


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