9. Excessive Feeling of Being Thirsty

Dehydration is a common occurrence on hot sunny days and after strenuous exercise. Drinking large amounts of water and then not passing out the water through urine is common in such situations.

Feeling thirsty can also be normal in case of certain medicines to control your blood pressure, medicines to promote diuretics or medicines for certain mental conditions.

Being thirsty all the time can be an indication of improper functioning of your kidneys or even heart issues especially if you also notice swollen legs and an increase in body weight.

Thirst can also be caused if you are affected by diabetes because in diabetes the increase in blood sugar level causes the body to pass out more fluid in urine and hence they feel the need to consume more water.

Normally when your body gives you the thirst signal your body is dehydrated and hence it should not pass out the fluid you intake but this does not happen in case of diabetes. You should definitely go for a check up if your thirst is accompanied by blurry vision, dizzy or nauseous feeling.

10. Indigestion Issues

Facing indigestion is common after consuming certain foods like chocolate, high butter foods and even alcohol. But if you start facing heartburn more frequently there could be other health issues going on. For example, if you used to have indigestion occurring only once in a week and now it has started to occur every alternate day then there could be some other health issue.

You should be especially worried if the heartburn occurs during exercise or when you are active and walking. This could be an indication of heart problems. Normally the heartburn should be treated by taking antacids but if antacids refuse to work then it may not be GERD or “Gastroesophageal reflux disease”


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