7. Change in Color of Stool

The color of the stool is caused by bile juice. Bile is produced in the liver and is released in the intestine to help proper food digestion. your stool color can vary from very light yellow to darker shades of brown.

The stool color can be easily influenced by the kinds of food we consume for example high iron foods and iron tablets can cause your stool to be darker. Similarly, consumption of indigestion tablets, anticoagulants, liquorice and even blueberries can cause very dark colored stool.

These incidences can always be associated with some food consumption you should be worried if you get very dark stool without consumption of any of these foods. Moreover, if these dark stools are associated with other symptoms you should definitely seek medical help.

These symptoms include pain and cramps in abdomen, unexplained loss in weight, vomiting etc. These may be symptoms of other problems or bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. And can be indications of cancer and ulcers.

8. Strange Looking Freckles

We may all hate freckles or spots on our skin because they make look us bad physically but these apparently harmless spots can be signs of graver underlying problems.

Cherry Angioma and skin tags are two harmless outgrowths. Cherry Angioma is non cancerous outgrowths caused by very small vessels. Similarly, skin tags are growths in the same color as skin and are also non cancerous but these are easily irritated by contact with cloth items or jewelry.

You should be worried if you have a new mark which is black in color. Many of these marks are just freckles but if it is irregular do seek help. Spots you should be worried about are the ones with a risk of melanoma or skin cancer and have the following properties: it has an uneven border, has different colors or is significantly big in size. Similarly, if an existing mark changes its color or shape and starts to be painful then you should get it evaluated. Pink colored patches with shiny or scaly outlook can be dangerous and should be checked too.


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