5. Fever

Fever occurs when your body is resisting some infection caused by bacteria or virus. A substance called pyrogens is released into the body and causes the thermogenic point of the body to increase. For most of us 98.6 F is the set point but this is increased in some situations. Moreover, heat burns and some medicines can also the body temperature to increase.

You should seek medical help for a fever when your body temperature exceeds 103 F. similarly if your temperature is high for 3 consistent days medical help may be necessary. If certain other symptoms like stiffness in body, rashes, pain and difficulty in movement, convulsion and irritability occur along with fever definitely seek medical help.

6. Snoring

We all know how annoying snoring can be to our partner or to the people near us. Snoring becomes more problematic if you are tired due to sleeplessness.

Snoring is usually not an issue when it occurs occasionally or is a regular occurrence in your life and your sleep in not effected by snoring and you wake up fresh and are not faced with sleeplessness during the day.

Snoring is problematic when it occurs every single night. It is also problematic when there are gaps in between your snores and you feel sleepy during the day.

These symptoms can be signs of a problem called apnea which occurs when your breathing stops momentarily during sleep. This can be problematic because it can lead to many heart issues and even increased blood pressure.


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