3. Breathlessness

You could be faced by breathlessness because of many things this can include strenuous exercise and excessive nervousness or because you are asthmatic or have other lung issues. Being breathless in some of these situations is normal.

You don’t have to seek medical help if you are exercising or there is a sudden change in temperature or if the breathlessness is caused by anxiety or high elevation.

Signals you should be on the lookout for are if your short breathlessness is associated with chest aches, breathing issues, high temperature, swollen feet, excessive coughing, lips and fingers getting blue or if you were already faced with breathlessness but your situation is getting more complicated.

4. Headaches

Headaches are a common day occurrence for many people and are usually not something to be concerned about. A person having a history of migraines, cluster headaches and headaches during the monthly period need not worry.

Some other situations which can cause headaches to occur normally are posture issues, large gaps during meals, sex, some food items, vertigo, sleeplessness and consumption of alcohol.

You should be worried about your headaches if the occurrence is new and is severe. Other symptoms to be worried about are if a headache coincides with other neurological issues. These issues can include feeling dizzy and weak or losing your balance and suddenly feeling numb.

If you are getting 3 or more headaches in a single week and medicines are not helping you then you should definitely seek medical help. Similarly, if the pain is accompanied by breathlessness, stiffness in the neck, rashes, nauseous feeling and high fever there could be underlying deeper issues.


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