We all know that medical intervention is necessary in case of excessive bleeding, sudden chest aches and even fainting. There are some milder things which seem harmless on first look but may be signs of bigger problems.

Medical checkup may become necessary for simpler signs like weight loss, snoring or even freckles.

This article will make you aware of the 12 subtle signs which can be harmful and should not be ignored in any case.
Credit: MedMD

This article will make you aware of the subtle signs which can be harmful and should not be ignored in any case.

1. Effortless Weight Loss

We all may want to lose weight effortlessly but if you start losing weight without making a conscious effort it may not be something to be happy about and may as well be signs of some serious health issues.

Weight loss depends on a number of factors. Food intake and our daily activities are prime contributors to our weight level but other factors that also have an effect are our social level, environment, age, health condition and some medicines. If you are losing weight because of these factors then there is nothing wrong but if your weight loss is unexplainable you should seek medical help.

As a thumb rule if you lose more than 5% of your initial weight in a matter of few months you should seek medical intervention. For example, if you are 160 pounds and you lose 7 pounds without consciously trying then do seek medical help. There are many factors that could lead to unexplained weight loss including cancer, depression, diabetes and many other illnesses.

2. Stomach Pain

We have all faced abdominal pain sometimes in our life. There are many reasons for abdominal pain these can include simple things like diarrhea, constipation and indigestion to more serious problems like ulcers, Gastroesophageal reflux disease to even cardiac arrests.

If you know that the pain is being caused by a recent strenuous workout or gas then it is okay not to seek medical help. You would need medical evaluation if the stomach ache lasts for three to four days or more. Another red signal is if the pain somehow coincides with trauma. Other red flags are severe chest pains, jaundice, sharp pain and nauseous feeling or throwing up. In all these cases it is necessary to seek medical help.


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