Many congratulations on the arrival of a little one to complete your family. You and your partner must be extremely excited about embarking on this beautiful journey of motherhood, and you must also be curious about how your baby will grow and develop inside you.

First-time mothers have millions of questions about the baby developing inside them, how it will grow, and will you be able to feel its movements. Now, you can always take a little peek at the ultra-sound, but we’ve created this comprehensive guide to walk you through all the developmental phases of the life growing inside you.

Here’s everything you need to know about your baby’s growth, from conception to birth:


Fertilization takes place when a sperm comes in contact with an egg and successfully penetrates it, experts also refer to this as conception. When this takes place, it completes the entire genetic makeup of the baby, even its sex. It takes nearly three days following the conception for the fertilized egg to quickly begin dividing into multiple cells.

Then, it gets transfers into the uterus by passing through by fallopian tube, and finally, it becomes attached to the uterine wall. Finally, the placenta starts to develop, which basically nurtures and nourishes the baby.

Development at 4 Weeks

After four weeks are complete, your baby’s structures have started to develop, and his neck and face have emerged. At this point, the heart and the blood vessels are still developing, while the liver, lungs and stomach have begun to form. If you take a pregnancy test at four weeks, it will read positive.


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