Herbs are natural medicines and flavourings that can add aromatic flavours to your dishes and cures and treats many diseases. Growing herbs at home is a money and life-saving hobby and this is a great fun too. Herbs are filled, in fact loaded with a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promotes good healthy life.

This is said by the experts that 30% of the nutrients are wasted during harvesting session of the plants so when you grow these tiny plants and herbs at your home, you can immediately use them without being scared of the pesticides and lost nutrients.

To grow herbs at home you will be needing few types of equipment and herb leave or seed. Proper care and attention is required because plants are like babies; they need the care to flourish with better ‘health’.

Here are some easy and best herbs that can be grown at home:

1. Sage:

Sage is rich in antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-biotic properties and the strong anti-aging properties of sage help you fight with pre-maturing ageing, wrinkles and acne, it is used in 80% of beauty products for this reason. Another best and bonus key fact about sage is, it is a natural remedy that helps in anxiety and stress problems by relaxing brain muscles and it also helps in fatigue and weak feelings. Moreover, it is a natural memory enhancer.

Grow Tip: Sage is a herb that needs good caring, regular watering, good and fertile soil and enough amount of sunlight and regular cleaning.



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