8. You experience increased fatigue and exhaustion

Patients often complain about feeling completely wiped out and exhaustion, and they find it unable to explain this kind of fatigue. The fatigue that occurs from lupus is very different from the exhaustion and weariness one experiences after a grueling round of weight lifting or a long run. It is a more unable-to-function type of fatigue that renders you useless and unable to perform.

Fatigue may not be directly related to lupus, but it indicates various elements that suggest whether a person is suffering from other symptoms of this disease. Experts regard it as a validation that the patient’s body is being plagued with increased inflammation.

Diabetes fatigue
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9. You experience recurrent chest aches

Chest aches are another common symptom of lupus. Patients tend to experience pain in their chest while breathing too deeply or coughing. Experts believe that this condition could be pleurisy, an inflammation that occurs in the lining of the lungs.

It is an extremely prevalent symptom of the disease, and when you cough, the lung tissue is pushed outside and against the lining, which causes pain because of the inflammation. The pain tends to be quite agonising and sharply piercing.

The symptoms of lupus also include inflammation within the lining of the heart, another problem that triggers chest pain. This kind of chest ache is also dependant on your position. For instance, if you are sitting up and leaning forward, the pain is likely to disappear, while if you lie down on your back, it will reappear.

Light heart pain
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