5. Your fingers or toes begin turning numb

The earliest symptoms of lupus include numb fingers or toes blanch. Research reveals that nearly one-third of the patients are diagnosed with lupus also tend to suffer from Raynaud’s.

Raynaud’s is a syndrome that impairs the blood vessels that provide blood supply to the skin, forcing them to become excessively narrow, which reduces blood circulation, particularly when you’re feeling cold or your body is under extreme stress.

If your fingers and toes or either one tend to become increasingly numb, or start to turn white or blue, you may have Raynaud’s.

Your finger or toes blanch and go numb
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6. You are plagued with swelling

Swelling is one of the earliest symptoms of lupus, and patients tend to experience the emergence of swollen lymph nodes, puffy eyes, and even swollen limbs. This is a definitive indication of lupus. Certain patients even tend to experience swelling within their legs, and this is the earliest indication that they are developing kidney failure.

Inflamed feet and ankles

7. You are experiencing increased hair loss

Patients diagnosed with lupus tend to complain about losing a great deal of hair. Lupus-induced hair loss tends to occur in patches, which leaves behind awful bald spots all over the head. It can also cause the hair to diffuse, causing hair thinning all over your scalp. In certain cases, patients can also develop a rash on the bald areas of their head.

Canine hair loss
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