2. Rashes and sores tend to emerge on your skin after stepping outdoors

Patients suffering from lupus tend to experience the emergence of sores and rashes on their skin after stepping outdoors for a while. Experts reveal that in most cases, the patients diagnosed with lupus tend to be photosensitive, which basically indicates that their skin is extremely sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

These rashes usually tend to emerge on the areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun, these include the arms, neckline, face, legs and other parts that were not covered. Exposure to the UV rays and light can also trigger a series of lupus symptoms, along with a flare-up of inflammation.

Experts and doctors strongly advise their patients, particularly the young, college-going patients, to cover their skin with plenty of sunscreen while going outdoors, particularly in tropical, beachside regions. When patients are exposed to intense sunlight, they tend to develop rashes that refuse to go away and trigger a series of painful symptoms.

Scaly skin rash
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3. Your fever just doesn’t seem to subside

Lupus tends to trigger a fever that just doesn’t seem to go away despite all the routine remedies that usually tend to work. Experts believe that fever can be an indication of inflammation, and many patients become severely feverish while experiencing a flare-up of lupus. It is important to note that having a fever is not only associated with lupus, and if your fever just doesn’t subside or keeps recurring, it is essential to consult your doctor right away, particularly if you have spotted other symptoms of the disease as well.

Internal fever
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4. Your joints feel stiff and sore

Stiff and sore joints are an extremely common symptom of lupus, which is why this disease often gets mistaken for rheumatoid arthritis. This is primarily because of both, RA and lupus trigger stiffness and aches in joints, particularly within the ankles, hands and wrists. Joint aches and stiffness may be the major symptom of rheumatoid arthritis but is one of many early indications of the onset of lupus.

Often, patients complaining of feeling extremely stiff when they wake up in the morning, some feel like they are made out of tin because it is so difficult to get their joints to move, especially after sitting or lying down for too long. Their joints almost feel like they have been glued together.

Pain in a joint or joints
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