10. Pretzels & Rice Cakes

Rice cakes and pretzels have been the go-to fat-free snacks since the 80s, and till this day, they are widely considered as the most diet-friendly foods. Now, while there’s nothing particularly odd about these two, they’re certainly not the perfect items you ought to add to your diet. They are extremely low in fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and all they contain are refined grains. Obviously, it should come as no surprise that these snacks never leave you satiated and always arouse more pangs of hunger.

There are lots of healthier snack options that are rich in healthy fats, proteins, fiber and whole grains. If you want to munch on something salty, how about baby carrots dipped in hummus, or cheese cubes with freshly cut slices of apple? You can even toss in a handful of salted nuts. And if you just can’t seem to part with rice cakes and pretzels, you can at least consume them foods that are rich in fiber and protein. For instance, spread peanut butter all over your rice cake, or throw in a bag of almonds in your pretzels.

11. Diet Sodas

Diet sodas are very popular diet companions, but recent research into their role have revealed some shocking results. Diet sodas have been reported to put drinkers at a greater risk for contracting metabolic syndrome and diabetics as compared to those who consume sugar sodas. Furthermore, another study revealed that diet sodas often disrupt weight loss and cause the fact to accumulate in the abdomen.

You need to understand that if a beverage has a zero-calorie sign printed on its cover that does not make it beneficial for weight loss. You see, artificial sweeteners tend to mess up your digestive system, and diet sodas also increase your desire for hunger. So, it is ideal that you quit diet sodas and stick to healthier beverages like a cup of coffee, or tea, a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, seltzer water, or other low-calorie options.

Remember, it is not the food items you pick out that sabotage your diet, but rather, the portions that you devour. You must keep in mind that moderation is the key to weight loss, and depriving yourself of essential nutrients by adopting low fat alternatives will only cause serious nutrient deficiencies.



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