8. Turkey Bacon

Since real bacon is laden with calories, we all assume that turkey bacon is the key to delight our taste buds without adding up layers of nasty pounds, right? Not right! The truth is that turkey bacon seldom cuts calories and fats from our diet like we expect it to. Various brands contain lots of sodium, and around the same amount of calories and fat as a center-cut pork bacon.

Forget about tasteless meat, and believe that it is indeed possible to lose weight and not have to give up on bacon. All you need is a high-flavour cut, like the center-cut bacon in a decent portion size that is much leaner. Two such slices tend to have around 60 calories, 260mg sodium and 2g saturated fat. And this won’t sabotage your diet by any means. So, stick with real bacon and remember, moderation is the key.

9. Low-Calorie Frozen Meals

Frozen meals with low calories are so amazingly convenient, you get the perfect portion size, with fewer carbs and a quick meal that doesn’t take much effort. Aren’t they perfect solution for your diet? No, they are not. Well, while they’ll help you with weight loss, they won’t provide your body the kind of nutrition food is supposed to provide. You see, frozen meals lack vegies and proteins, instead, they contain refined grains and huge amounts of sodium. So basically, you’re ditching healthy home cooked meals to eat a dish that is low in proteins, vitamins and fiber, along with being disappointingly unsatisfying.

Convenience is good but it mustn’t get it the way of your health. But if convenience is still important for you and your hectic routine, why not pick out lunch and dinner leftovers and toss them in to create a fun meal. Or you can look for frozen meals that contain fiber, protein and whole grains, and pair them up with boiled veggies, salads and fresh fruits to complete the nutrition checklist necessary for each meal.



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