6. Fat-Free Salad Dressings

Salads are the most divine choice for a diet. They are rich in nutrients, very filling and naturally, light and low in calories. However, if your salad has the wrong kind of dressing, it can really mess up your diet. Now, the popular belief is that fat-free salad dressings should be preferred during a diet, but the truth is that fats are always replaced by added sugars and sweeteners. And the downfall is that even though you get rid of say 100 calories that come from fats, but the added sugars don’t fill you up and you start craving another meal after an hour or two.

The ideal way is to quit buying these fat-free hoax dressings and go for a lighter 50% less fat version, or even the regular salad dressings. Only, be careful in measuring the serving you pour onto your salad. Remember, satiety is your ultimate goal when preparing a meal, so you should always chose a healthy fat and rich fiber salad with vegies and whole grains, along with some proteins rather than empty sugars that taste terrible.

Another very important factor is that a fat-free vegetable salad won’t nourish your body with essential nutrients as it might get held up in your digestive tract. So, pick out a full fat or low fat dressing, just dribble moderately.

7. Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a tremendous source of whole-grains and energy, but if you’re picking out flavoured oatmeal instead of the real deal, you’re just consuming a sugar bowl of refined carbs that won’t leave you satiated until lunch. Instant oatmeal is low in fiber and protein, and contains lots of added sugars. Now, all these properties disqualify it as a breakfast option for your weight loss diet.

So, instead of wasting your money, why don’t you cook some old fashioned oats and place them in fridge, so you can heat them up anytime you want and devour them with fruits and nuts?



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