4. Low-Fat Mayonnaise

There’s a common myth that low fat or fat-free mayo is a great ingredient to add to your diet, but hey, even if the calories and fats are eliminated, they were replaced by high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, food starch and heaps of chemical preservatives. Now, even though you cleverly eliminated the fats, but you just added a great deal of chemicals and sugar to your diet. And the worst part is, the spread isn’t half as tasty as the actual mayo we all love so much.

So instead of resorting to spreading this chemical rich low fat alternative onto your sandwich, get yourself a healthier one. For instance, you can get a light mayo that has 50% less fat and includes ingredients like olive oil and real eggs with no traces of corn syrup. Truth be told, just a little bit of the real mayo won’t do much harm. But if you’re a hard-core health fanatic, why not treat yourself to spreads like hummus, pesto, or guacamole with freshly cut slices of avocado?

5. Low-fat peanut butter

We all love peanut butter, and even though it often haunts us in our dreams, we can’t dream of ruining our diets with full fat peanut butter, can we now? After all, one simply can’t shed those nasty pounds devouring 17 grams of fat. However, instead of depriving oneself, we resort to the healthier looking alternative, a low fat jar of peanut butter. The funny part is, when you do the calorie math, it turns out low-fat peanut butter only helps you cut down as little as 10 or 15 calories as compared to the regular one. And the worst part is, the fat is replaced by added sugars and artificial fillers that do not nourish the body at all.

So, forget about low-fat and get yourself full-fat peanut butter. Because you see, high fat food items don’t disrupt the process of weight loss, as long as you consume a decent portion size at a decent meal time. Also, research reveals that peanut butter, when eaten moderately, tends to fill you up and gives you satiety as compared to other foods that are low in fats. Peanut butter is a great appetizer that has lots of protein and fats that save you from untimely pangs of hunger and overeating.



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