2. Canned Soups

Canned soups are very quick and very convenient, but these low-calorie alternatives are very rich in taste, BPA and worst of all, sodium. Now, most soups are rich in sodium but canned soups tend to have even larger quantities, around 600 to 1000mg in each cup. Moreover, BPA, which is lined up in all the cans, is also found to be directly linked with fatalistic illnesses like cancer. Lastly, the taste of a canned soup is horrible as compared to a homemade soup because of the preservatives and artificial flavour.

Why not fix yourself a quick and easy soup at home to receive the essential nutrients denied by the canned one? Throw in a couple of your favourite vegetables, some whole grains, beans and protein, and very little salt. Now, you need canned beans and chicken broth with low-sodium to stir into your soup. You can make your soup beforehand and store it in small containers to eat throughout the week. And if cooking seems too much of a hassle, just get yourself low-sodium organic soups that are available in BPA-free cans. You can always add in more vegies or black beans when you’re heating the canned soup on the stove.

3. Granola Bars & Cereal Bars

Even though granola bars are considered to be the healthiest choice of all fit people, it’s just a bad excuse to gulp down dark chocolate with dried fruits and baked oats. They do contain some healthy fats and whole grains, but they have just the same amount of sugar as candy bars, and very less protein. And you want to the worst part that makes them such a horrible snack for a diet? They boost hunger because they don’t fill you up, and the sugar just spikes up your blood sugar levels and makes you hungrier.

Snacks are the calories that will energize you and keep you satiated until your next meals, so instead of wasting them on granolas and cereal bars, try a healthy snack alternative. How about a small bowl of nuts and slices of freshly cut fruit. Or perhaps, 2 small squares of dark chocolate and a small bowl of nuts. Or you can even have a small bowl of oatmeal if you’re really hungry.



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