If you’re working hard to drop those nasty pounds that make you look unhealthy and overweight, you need to rethink the items that you’re adding to your diet. There are certain misconceptions related to particular items like canned soups and egg substitutes, which are thought to be wonderful items for a diet. These items cause you more harm them good, they can really sabotage your progress and increase the calorie count rather than decreasing it.

In this article, we will introduce you to all such items that can ruin your diet and must be eliminated from your grocery list immediately, along with providing you with suitable alternatives to replace them with. Here we go!

1. Egg Substitute

The popular belief is that eggs are very high in cholesterol and therefore they contribute to the risk of heart disease. But that’s not entirely true, since research reveals that it’s not cholesterol, but actually saturated fat that causes heart diseases. So, fat-free and cholesterol free substitutes are not the answer, particularly since professional heart experts believe that one egg a day is very important for a healthy diet.

All those who turn to egg substitutes to cut out fats and calories from their diet need to understand that these substitutes are not the least bit healthy and they by no means make up for the nutritional properties of eggs.

An egg contains 80 calories and a rich dose of protein, which makes sure that you stay fulfilled and satiated until lunch is served. Research has proven that eggs make a splendid breakfast diet since they fill you up and help you consume lesser calories during the day. So, it’s perfectly alright to go ahead and eat 1 scrambled egg, or 2 egg whites, along with whole grains and freshly cut fruit.



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