7. Green Vegetables

Increased consumption of leafy green and non-starchy veggies aids in regulating blood sugar levels due to their extraordinarily rich concentration of essential nutrients.

A study attempted to examine these benefits by giving diabetic patients above the age of 65 a diet rich in green vegetables. The results revealed a marked reduction in their cardiovascular risk factors, along with reducing the levels of HgbA1c.

Researchers believe that green vegetables are capable of providing these beneficial effects because of their powerful nutrient density. They deliver powerful doses of vitamins A, C and E, along with magnesium and other minerals, which are directly linked with a greater glycemic control.

It’s highly advisable to replace all your carb-loaded meals with nutrient-rich vegetables. In order to experience best results, be sure to consume at least 200g of vegetables every day, of which at least 70g must come from leafy green vegetables.

8. Nuts & Peanut Butter

A recent study revealed that consuming 5 servings of nuts every week can bring about a marked reduction in the risk factors of heart disease and stroke amongst women suffering from type 2 diabetes. If you aren’t a big fan of nuts, you can even pick out tasty homemade nut butters, for research reveals that a 1oz serving of nuts is equivalent to one tablespoon of nut butter.

Another study revealed that consuming 2 ounces of mixed nut every day instead of heavy carbohydrates aided diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar levels and improving blood lipids.

It is highly advisable to pick out walnuts, homemade peanut butter or almonds instead of snacks and packaged foods loaded with refined carbohydrates. Just be sure to devour mindful portion sizes and steer clear of salted nut varieties.


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