5. Plant-Based Meals

Research reveals that vegetarians are at a much lower risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes due to their greater concentration of essential nutrients and having significantly lower BMIs.

A recent study attempted to study the benefits of a high nutrient density diet, mainly consisting of fruits, legumes, vegetables and nuts and eliminating all kinds of meats, on diabetic patients.

After consuming a high nutrient density diet for a prolonged period of seven months, the participants experienced marked reductions in their blood pressure, triglycerides and HgbA1c levels, along with significant increases in their good or HDL cholesterol levels, and a whopping 62% of the participants managed to normalise their blood glucose levels as well.

6. Olive Oil

Experts believe that substituting trans fats and saturated fats with healthier unsaturated fats is highly essential for every single person, however, if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the fats you consume play a powerful role in regulating your health and blood sugar levels.

You see, diabetes is directly linked with increased risk factors of heart disease and heart strokes. Therefore, it is essential for diabetic patients to effectively manage their weight, maintain an active lifestyle and closely monitor their glucose levels with the help of a healthy diet.

Heart-healing fats and healthy oils are extremely essential fat contributors for an effective blood sugar-regulating diet. Research reveals consuming extra virgin olive oil does not only aid in reducing the risk factors of diabetes, but also, it aids in improving the glucose usage of our cells due to its potently powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

It is highly advisable to use olive oil for all your cooking and garnishing purposes, you can even add it to your salad dressings, cold-water fish, seeds and even avocado sauces.


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