3. Chickpeas

Chickpeas, along with lentils and beans, are extremely popular for their powerful nutrient density and being extremely low on the glycemic index, which makes them an essential ingredient for any and every diabetes-controlling diet.

Recent research reveals that consuming legumes regularly not only boosts the health but also packs up countless therapeutic benefits.

Another study attempted to examine the benefits of consuming legumes for patients suffering with diabetes by giving them one cup of legumes every day to monitor their carbohydrate consumption for a period of three months. The results revealed that the daily legume eaters experienced significant reductions in their haemoglobin A1c values along with marked reductions in their blood pressure levels as opposed to the other participants in the study.

4. Dark Chocolate

If you’re a hardcore dark chocolate lover, here’s some amazing news for you: this decadently sweet treat can actually aid in improving your glucose control.

Several researchers have highlighted the fact that consuming mindful portions of high quality dark chocolate with at least 70% or more cocoa concentration regularly can actually aid in reducing fasting insulin levels and normalizing blood pressure levels.

Research reveals that dark chocolate boosts all these benefits due to its rich concentration of powerful compounds, known as protective polyphenols. It is highly advisable to substitute all your sugar cravings with low-sugar dark chocolate instead other sugar-loaded carbs that contain nothing but empty calories and sugar.

High quality dark chocolate can help you satisfy your sugar cravings along with promoting healthier glucose levels, however, be sure to discuss these dietary changes with your doctor or nutritionist.


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