9. How can men enhance their fertility?

Men can take multiple measures to boost their fertility, and stress management is primarily important. Men are also advised to avoid the consumption of tobacco or alcohol, along with maintaining a healthy body weight, and consuming a daily diet that is rich in zinc. Zinc can be obtained from natural food sources such as eggs, whole grains, seafood items and meat.

Vitamin E and selenium, a mineral found in seafood, fortified cereals, meat, Brazilian nuts, and mushrooms, is also effective in boosting fertility amongst men. Lastly, experts encourage men to keep their testicles cool, and research reveals that regular hot tub baths, long hot showers and saunas can actually lower the number of sperms.

How can men enhance their fertility
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10. Infertility can be treated

Infertility can be caused by a wide plethora of factors, and the very step initiative that you must undertake is to book a doctor’s appointment for a complete checkup of you and your partner. There are countless infertility treatments out there which include fertility drugs that stimulate ovulation, and in vitro fertilization, which basically involves the removal of the eggs from the ovaries, which are fertilized and then artificially implanted inside the uterus.

Infertility can be treated
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11. Understanding the Home Pregnancy Tests

Basically, a home pregnancy test works by examining your urine to detect the hCG, which is the pregnancy hormone that your body generates once a fertilized egg has been implanted in your uterus. Many of the widely available pregnancy tests are capable of detecting your pregnancy within five days before you missed your first period.

Understanding the Home Pregnancy Tests
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5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

The five early signs of pregnancy include missing your period, feeling the urge to pee more frequently than usually and unexplainable bouts of exhaustion and fatigue. Moreover, you are likely to feel nauseous in the morning, while some pregnant women even end up being nauseous all day long. And lastly, your breasts start to become more tender and bigger.

5 Early Signs of Pregnancy
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