9. It is dangerous if you fall pregnant

Regardless of whether you’re not pursuing a baby, you have to consider the likelihood that you could end up pregnant when you start taking Roaccutane.

Dr. Leonard let us know, ‘You will be informed that you have to begin taking contraception, regardless of whether you’re not active sexually. Roaccutane can make genuine damage to the unborn baby”. As this drug absorbed through skin and lungs, it may affect the unborn baby.

It's seriously dangerous if you fall pregnant
Credit Image: cbsnews

10. It’ll make you super-sensitive to the sun

We as a whole realize we should wear SPF compulsory, however that will turn out to be much increasingly significant in case you’re having this pill.

As Dr. Leonard clarified, ‘Roaccutane makes your skin very photosensitive. This implies you’re progressively sensitive to daylight and substantially more liable to burn. Consistently you should wear an SPF, even in the UK, as UV beams are available regardless of whether the sun isn’t sparkling.” We cherish this SPF30 from Fresh, which is water-safe and doesn’t make your skin feel oily.


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