6. It could have some weird effects on your skin

The most common side effects of this drug are mucocutaneous: dry skin, lips, and nose. Because it attacks the sebaceous gland and controls oil production. Drying is a very common side effect of this disease.

Dr. Leonard said, “All these symptoms can happen to patients like very dry skin, rashes, redness, cracked lips, dermatitis, and fragile skin”.

7. You’ll need to pay a lot of visits to your doctor

Because of the side effects of this drug, you need to be in touch with your doctor.

Dr. Leonard said, “You’ll need to make regular visits to your dermatologist so that they can monitor the physical, emotional and psychological effects of taking Roaccutane”.

8. Some people straight up can’t take it

Some people need to avoid this medicine because of other problems like diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, and pregnant women.

This drug shows even more adverse effects if the above-mentioned patients take this medicine without any consultation.


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